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  • Take That Stephen Colbert


    Let’s face it: I hate a lot of things. The poor and the middle class. Chairman Hussein Marx Obama Tse-Tung. People who major in anything other than business while they’re in college. iPhones. Foreign cars. Foreigners in general. Gluten-free diets…. Read More ›

  • Truth Be Told, I’m Sick Of Reason Too


    Hi folks. Oz here, reporting live from my Caesar-esque bathroom, where I’m working my way through what has so far been a quadruple flusher with no clear end in sight. (The pun was unintended, but I’ll let it stand.) To… Read More ›

  • Always Happy To Help The Tea Party


    Good evening, fellow Americans. I’m essentially in recovery mode following the horrific events with which I was afflicted in April, but I wanted to fill you in on a big development. Turns out the stalwart leaders of the Tea Party… Read More ›

  • Thank Nixon That’s Over


    And by “that” I mean one of the most trying months I’ve ever experienced, not the concurrent “Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013.” That went swimmingly, and though I’ve been unable to track down any details regarding winners… Read More ›

  • Z Is For Zamboni


    My vice president of marketing Sherm Schweinbumser entered his home with his dog and flicked off the porch light, never noticing that I was seated on a parked Zamboni in the woods across from the residence. As his house went… Read More ›

  • Y Is For Yacht


    “Alright everyone, cover your ears!” I shouted, my voice amplified by a high-powered bullhorn. “This is going to be loud!” I touched the torch to the cannon’s wick and was soon rewarded with a thunderous explosion. The cannonball rocketed toward… Read More ›


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