That’s A Lot Of Pudding

Here’s how it went down. I was using my new ZoomMaster 9000 telescope this morning. You know, taking the lay of the land. It’s one of those big jobs, about the size of an oil drum with a lens that could burn a hole right through you if you were dumb enough to put it between you and the sun. Serious business, just like everything I do.

Anyway, I decided to take a peek at my neighbor’s bathroom, and was lucky enough to catch Bob Laudermilk’s wife, Ivette, as she was coming out of the shower. Talk about a goldmine. And by goldmine, I mean two very succulent hooters. I wouldn’t mind burying my face in those beauties for an hour or so, that’s for sure.

Better still, Bob works for me. Which means finagling some “quality time” with Ivette shouldn’t be a problem. At least it better not, not if Bob still wants that promotion. And weasely little men like him always want a promotion.

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