When Will That Woman Die?

“Hello, mother.”

“Mother? My mother’s dead. And a woman. Look, who is this?”

“It’s your son. Oswald.”


“Oswald. Oswald Carver. Your son.”

“Oh, Oswald. What do you want?”

“It… it’s Mother’s Day, mother. Just wanted to call to wish you a happy one.”

“Well you shouldn’t have bothered, you ungrateful bastard.”

“Hmm. Did you get the flowers?”

“Yes, and I threw them right out! You have your nerve.”

“Mmm-hmm. And how is everything at Golden Oaks, hmm?”

“How do you think it is, you sniveling twit?! Orderlies always rummaging through your personal goods, roughing you up if you complain — it’s a nightmare!”

“Okay, mother.”

“You don’t understand! Poor old Mrs. Lipschitz shat herself last week, and no one cleaned her up for three days!”

“Yes, well, I really must be going. Until next year, hmm?”

“You can go f–,” she said as I ended the call. What a bitch. No wonder father left her for a Hungarian trapeze artist. Even with that handlebar mustache, his new lover was still more feminine than mom. Better looking vagina, too.

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