Al Gore Doesn’t Know The Score

What is this nonsense? This “Al Gore has a new movie about his environmental slideshow presentation, and everyone’s getting all excited about it” business, hmm? We’re talking about the same Al Gore, right? Tall guy? Looks kind of like a chubby Jeff Goldblum? Lost the 2000 election to the current dipshit in office, and was second fiddle to the most morally bankrupt president of the 20th century?

Okay. Just wanted to be clear. I’m a little woozy, what with all the Oxys I’ve been munching lately. Thought I might have missed something. Now that I’m sure we’re on the same page, here’s a newsflash: unless you want our economy to tank, and see that tree-hugging pinhead in the Oval Office, I’d strongly advise against listening to whatever crazy bullshit Gore goes on about in his goofy little documentary.

I mean, shit. We could spend trillions, regulate the hell out of the industrial sector, and maybe make the planet a little cleaner. Why bother? Human beings have proven time and time again that we’re very skilled at adapting to different environments. If it allows me to keep the lifestyle and earnings to which I’m accustomed, I’m more than willing to deal with an endless burning desert. As should you.

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