Willie Nelson, On The Other Hand, Should Be Hung By The Beard ‘Til He’s Dead

Unbelievable. Here I thought Willie Nelson was a fine, upstanding American, just like all country & western singers. Then he has to go and get charged with possession of marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms, revealing himself to be nothing more than a dirty hippie. Probably a commie, to boot.

Thing is, I’m willing to give our nation’s icons a lot of leeway. Take my good friend Hank Williams Jr., for example. Am I bothered by the fact that he’s accused of choking a waitress at a fleabag motel in Memphis? Of course not. I’ve done far “worse” myself. That said, I take a hard line when it comes to illegal drugs… a line that Willie flew right over the moment he allowed the Devil’s Weed to enter his body.

Which begs the question: Why, Willie? Why? With so many perfectly legal drugs to choose from — alcohol, tobacco, diet pills, Robitussin, my personal favorite OxyContin, etc. — why stoop to the level of a common street junkie to get your fix? Why ruin your legacy like that? Can you tell me? Or is your pot-soaked brain so addled that you long ago forgot what led you down this low-rent path to begin with?

I suppose we’ll never know. I’ll tell you one thing, though — not a chance in hell am I ever putting his so-called “BioWillie” fuel in my Hummer. Stuff’s probably pure hemp oil!

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