I May Never Go To Vegas Again

All right, I’ll admit it: I like to romp in Vegas. Who doesn’t? You’d be crazy not to, what with the non-stop gambling, drinking, eating, puking and more drinking & eating. And whores. And, yes, Vegas’ “anything goes” attitude is exactly what makes that kind of action possible… but they’re anything will have gone way too far if they actually make it legal for people to buy marijuana.

Hell, why not let kids buy crack and heroin in the school cafeteria while you’re at it? Next thing you know, they’ll be marrying homosexuals, letting servants use the front entrance and all other sorts of nefarious business that Mssrs. Sinatra, Martin, Bishop, Lawford and… and… and that dark-skinned fellow never would’ve allowed back when they ruled Vegas. No sir.

That’s it, I’m off to draft a very angry letter to my congressman. Maybe even my senators while I’m at it. I realize they have no influence over Nevada’s voters, but goddammit, if I don’t speak up now, who’ll speak for me when the beatniks try to take over my state?

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