If There’s One Thing I Hate, It’s My Family

Yeah, yeah, so I haven’t updated in over a week. So what.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the country went to hell in a hand basket last Tuesday. As a result, I’ve had bigger things on my mind. Like the hit my lifestyle’s going to take once the democrats get their goddamn tax machines up and running. Or how I’m going to hold onto all my cheap labor after they re-tighten their regulatory screws. I mean, shit, do you have any idea what it costs to hire an American houseboy? Plenty, that’s what.

As if that wasn’t misery enough, today I got a telegram from my brother Roderick, reminding me that it’s my turn to host Thanksgiving. He says he’ll be here Wednesday night. Plus, he’s bringing his cunt wife and their shit-eating kids. And, oh yeah, mother.

So there goes my weekend. Here’s hoping your’s will be just as shitty.

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