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I’ll have a more interesting update later today regarding this morning’s visit with Doc Steinbrau, but in the meantime, heady news. Assuming you find trivial matters to be heady.

First, this blog is now accessible directly at Being a man of considerable — even disgusting — wealth, I saw no point in continuing to go the poor man’s route of having “wordpress” in my URL. Especially given that a direct link only costs $15 a year. Seriously, someone could steal $15 out of my wallet each and every day and I’d never notice, so that much a year isn’t even worth discussing.

Of course, you can still access the site by going to if you’re an idiot who enjoys unnecessary typing. Don’t let me stop you.

Secondly, thanks to the anti-money hippies at Google Apps, the site also has a free, dedicated email service. So ladies, feel free to send your topless/naked photos to As always, I’ll be fair and balanced in my assessment of what you’ve got.

That’s it. And seeing as it’s the middle of the day, you should probably get back to work anyhow. This economy isn’t going to fix itself, jerks.

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