Charles Tandy Was A Great American

For reasons I can’t really explain, I was perusing the May 2010 issue of Wired while taking my morning constitutional. It’s a dreadful little magazine, normally full of useless information that only the nerdiest of nerds could care about. But it did contain a somewhat interesting article about the history of the RadioShack line, including some details on former chairman Charles Tandy.

Of particular note was this snippet:

[H]e kept a plastic breast on his desk that made a gong sound when he pressed the nipple. It was how he called for more coffee.

Needless to say, I’ve directed my fill-in personal secretary, Miss Sugarteats, to order me a gross of these fantastic devices; two for my desk at work, and the rest to give out as gifts to friends and business partners. I can’t wait for my regular secretary, Miss Cashtushy, to get a double-dose of the coffee gong upon her return.

And Charles Tandy? I salute you.

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