This Doesn’t Surprise Me At All

Is there no penny so low that Comrade Hussein Marx Obama Tse-Tung won’t stoop to pick it up? Bad enough that he’s gotten his high-level connections in the Kremlin to rig two consecutive American elections in his favor, but it now appears that he and Eric Holder concocted the whole Sandy Hook massacre as a sort of reverse Pearl Harbor so they could ram their fascist gun control fetish down the country’s gaping maw.

At least that’s what this investigative news site is claiming, and I have no reason to doubt their findings. Bravo and a well-earned spot on my roll call of Proud Americans.

In other Second Amendment news — and children news, come to think of it — the NRA has shrewdly released an official Practice Range app for iOS devices. The best part is, it’s rated for ages 4 and up. And why not?

Sure, freedom-haters will wail and gnash their teeth, raving to anyone stupid enough to listen that it’s just too darn young to be teaching our most precious resource about guns. Nonsense. If a child can talk, it’s old enough to learn about the freedom of speech, and if it’s old enough to learn how to exercise one amendment, it’s old enough to learn about all of them. Frankly, to suggest otherwise is un-American.

Anyhow, keep the fires of faith alive in your hearts, fellow patriots. As for me, I have a bucket of fried chicken in my hands and two naked prostitutes in my bedroom, so I have to motor. Until next time, toodle-oo.

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