Good Lord, Ayn Rand’s Teeth Were Disturbing

I was catching up on the news when I came across this rather inspiring article about a patriotic Idaho politician’s admirable quest to make Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged required reading in his state’s schools. Unfortunately, I never made it past the headline image, because Sainted Mother of Nixon those are some disturbing teeth.

Ayn Rand shrugged (off brushing and flossing).

Ayn Rand shrugged (off brushing and flossing).

Who was her dentist? H.P. Lovecraft? You’d think the woman who made such a big deal about personal responsibility would’ve applied some to her own dental hygiene. Not that she was much to look at either way, but Jesus — I’ve seen syphilitic octogenarians with better sets of choppers.

Anyhow, don’t let Rand’s disgusting teeth turn you off from her novels. And if you’re a busy man like me who possesses neither the time nor the estrogen for books, might I recommend the excellent Atlas Shrugged movies — sci-fi epics that are to conservatism what Battlefield Earth is to Scientology. Believe it.

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