Under Construction (UPDATED x2)

Hi folks, Shelton here. I finally convinced lardass that it’s time for a site refresh, so expect many things to be in shift over the next couple of days. I promise none of OJC3’s hate-filled idiocy will disappear. Unless he fails to pay me for this update, in which case it’s headed to delete city.

UPDATE: Well, I guess we’re getting pretty close here, though I’ll keep tinkering with things for awhile. Mostly want to figure out how to manipulate the CSS to replace the header text with a header image, but that can wait.

UPDATE 2: Woot, proper image header added via the magic of CSS! Though I’m admittedly bugged by it’s lack of clickability. Regardless, I’ll turn posting back over to Oz now, but just so the old look’s never forgotten…


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