Farewell To A Legend

Folks, I’m going to keep this short because frankly, I don’t deal well with grief. But as you’ve surely heard by now, America lost a legend today. His name? Herbert Streicher — aka Harry Reems.

Harry Reems

For the uninitiated, I’m sorry to hear about your startling lack of education. But Mr. Reems was a patriot, a U.S. Marine, and an actor. More importantly, he provided the male talent for such indispensable cinematic classics as Forced Entry, The Devil in Miss Jones, Sex Wish and of course, his pièce de résistance, Deep Throat.

Granted, his oeuvre seems downright PG-13 by modern standards, but it’s key to remember that the pornographic art form was still essentially in its infancy by the early ’70s. Without the top-notch work and dedication of Reems and his Throat costars, porn might never have developed into the degrading, soul-scarring nightmare that it is today. For that, we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

So farewell and godspeed, Dr. Young — your place in Valhalla is well earned. As for me, I’m off to commemorate Reems’ passing by hiring a bunch of call girls and reenacting Deep Throat in its entirety; naturally, I’m playing all the male roles. Toodle-oo.

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