Welcome, Disgruntled Former FOX Viewers

It’s recently come to my attention that the proud, honorable, completely not-racist Americans in the Tea Party are in the midst of a boycott against FOX News, due to that once-respected institution’s startling and unseemly swerve to the left following Chairman Hussein Marx Obama Tse-Tung’s theft of the 2012 election. And even more specifically, FOX’s refusal to get to the bottom of whatever it is that happened in Benghazi, wherever that is. Or maybe it’s whatever happened to Benghazi, because it could be a person for all I know. Is he one of those South American dictators? Chavez’s replacement, perhaps?

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Dammit, I’m a very busy man, what with acquiring and busting out businesses through the magic of venture capitalism. As a result, I’m not always able to give current events as much attention as they might deserve. Sue me.

Besides, who or what Benghazi is and what happened to it/him isn’t the point. The point is, the true patriots on the far right are up in arms about it and they’re fleeing FOX like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Or some other metaphor that makes the Tea Party sound good. Furthermore, I would like to congratulate those heroes on their high levels of intelligence and deep-seated perseverance, and offer the services of my own top-rated conservative blog as an alternate news source until FOX either sees the light or gets replaced by something better.

And if the Tea Party comes to view my blog as that “something better,” I certainly won’t question their decision. In fact, I shall applaud it.

So anyhow, make yourselves at home, Tea Partiers. I think you’ll find a lot to like here, and I’ve already added the Benghazi Truth site to my roll call of Proud Americans. Hopefully I can get around to reading the extremely useful, well-sourced information there before too much longer and get a handle on this Benghazi fellow once and for all. In the meantime — onward and upward. Ciao.

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