This Kincannon Fellow Is My Kind Of Conservative

Hope your day is going well folks, but bear in mind that I’m never sincere about such pleasantries. What I am sincere about, though, is my newfound admiration for a leading conservative light who was off my radar until this morning: the honorable former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, self-styled “Honey Badger of American Politics,” and Twitter kingpin Todd Kincannon.

Kincannon Don't Care

Honey Badger has nothing on Todd Kincannon when it comes to not caring.

Despite the fact that he came to my attention via a Daily Beast article that can most charitably be described as a hit piece, I think Kincannon’s exactly the kind of kick-in-the-ass the GOP needs. He’s certainly head and shoulders above the kowtowing appeasement monkeys who have been suggesting that Republicans stop being Republicans in order to win more elections, that’s for sure. Why, just take a look at some of the heaters he’s been throwing on Twitter, then try and tell me that he doesn’t have the right stuff.

And my personal favorite (because really, who hasn’t been duped by the porn industry at one point or another?):

Anyhow, there’s lots more like this on his Twitter feed so if you’re need of inspiration, be sure to add @ToddKincannon to your list of fake friends and people you aspire to stalk. By all means, please tell ’em Oz sent you.

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