Thank Nixon That’s Over

Challenge CompletedAnd by “that” I mean one of the most trying months I’ve ever experienced, not the concurrent “Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013.” That went swimmingly, and though I’ve been unable to track down any details regarding winners and awards on the event’s site, I’m confident that I took first place and my prize will arrive soon.

Unfortunately, nearly everything else about the past month was absolutely dreadful. Eight people died (and I’m facing manslaughter charges over one of those deaths), I was hit with weapon- and drug-possession charges in addition to a DUI, my company suffered a freakish vulture attack in which my vice president of acquisitions was disfigured for life, said vice president subsequently quit with no notice, my good friend Hank Williams Jr. had organs and his beard stolen in Mexico, Rush Limbaugh burned me on an OxyContin deal, I inadvertently cuckolded one of East Egg’s most powerful men, my mother escaped from her nursing home and went on a rampage, my estranged adopted son returned from the dead, and I contracted crabs and gonorrhea. Like I said: The living was not easy.

Granted, there were some bright points. For example, my butler learned how to make top-quality moonshine, I got ten free dates from my favorite bordello, and the weather finally warmed up enough that I was able to take my yacht out for a spin.

Also on the plus side are the numerous fellow A to Z Challengers who visited this blog over the past thirty days. Not to mention the truly proud Americans who elected to become subscribers. Perhaps needless to say, but our country and I both salute you.

Now, the good people who run the A to Z Challenge have requested that 2013 participants provide them with some feedback — the good, the bad, the ugly, et al. All in all, I found it to be a pleasurable experience, and a nice distraction from all the negativity encompassing my life in April. That said, I do have two suggestions and one question:

  • Instead of one group list of participants, I’d like to see them break participants up by categories. That way, if anyone’s interested in a particular type of blog, it’ll be a lot easier to track them down. (Yes, the two-character codes assigned to each blog helped somewhat, but it was still tedious to search through them.)
  • If for some unfathomable reason there are no winners or prizes, please rectify that. No matter what I do, I’m in it to win it, and it’s difficult to win something when there are no winners. And just so there’s confusion, by “prizes” I obviously mean “glamorous, expensive prizes.”
  • Finally, why doesn’t the sign-up list allow for apostrophes? “Oz’s” without an apostrophe is “Ounces,” and frankly that’s unacceptable mis-branding.

Other than that, thumbs up. Anyhow, feel free to use this handy checklist if you missed any of my A to Z entries, or if you just want to relive my recent life events for some bizarre reason doubtlessly born of sadomasochistic tendencies. These entries certainly aren’t for the faint of heart but as they say, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Enjoy.

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  1. Perhaps you should write a country western song, it seems you have all the elements. Separate lists…hum, I thought that for a short period during the a-z, but then I figured I can always visit one genre the other 11 months of the year, this is a time to visit a mix and so I paid no attention to the codes. Actually couldn’t remember what any of them stood for anyway, except I stayed away from Adult junk. Plus, I don’t think my 3 blogs feel into any of the categories they listed, plus lots of folks blogs posts had nothing to do with their blog type/title. Anyway, still out blog walking through the linkys finding blog I couldn’t reach during the challenge.

    • Hi Sandy, Oz asked me to field this response for him as he’s a fictional character and therefore ill-suited to discussing stuff IRL. Good point on being able to sift through and visit other participating blogs throughout the coming year, and an equally good point on the two letter codes being a bit too esoteric. I also mostly agree that visiting a mix is good, but there are some blog “types” that just don’t appeal to me and/or Oz at all. (For example, as neither of us are parents, we have no interest in visiting parenting blogs, no matter how well written they might be.)

      And as with your blog, I didn’t really feel that my blog fit into any single category. I also felt that the categories themselves were too vague. I went for “humor” (HU), but satirical humor, such as this blog, is a world away from family humor, or knock-knock joke humor, etc. And I think a “Rated-R” code/category would help. For instance, this blog is not for all ages but it also isn’t what most people think of when they think of “adult content.” Regardless, I signed up as both HU and AC to err on the side of caution, but the powers-that-be removed the AC code from my listing after I signed up. (Presumably after checking the blog and finding no pr0n.)

      Perhaps a nice solution would be a field on the sign-up sheet in which participants could offer a brief description of their blog? Then again, maybe that’s just me; I also hate boxes of chocolate that don’t contain a guide detailing what to expect from each individual piece, so other challengers’ mileage may vary.

      Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and for the thoughts — have a great week and happy reading.

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