Truth Be Told, I’m Sick Of Reason Too

Hi folks. Oz here, reporting live from my Caesar-esque bathroom, where I’m working my way through what has so far been a quadruple flusher with no clear end in sight. (The pun was unintended, but I’ll let it stand.) To occupy myself, I’ve been perusing the day’s news on my Blackberry PlayBook and just came across this vile bit of hit-piece journalism at Slate.

Unsurprisingly, the unwashed Communist hippies over there are up in arms because Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance went on Fox News to rightfully denounce reason as being bad for America, but great if you hate Jews.

I, for one, have nothing against the latter and love the former with every fiber of my being. Not to mention the fact that, if it weren’t for reason, marriage would still turn women into de facto property of their spouses. No women’s suffrage, either. So frankly, I’m having a hard time disagreeing with Nance’s shrewd insights, even if she did largely arrive at them via the lamest crutch of all: religion.

Speaking of which, I think I’m finally done leaving offerings at the porcelain temple, so I’m going to tidy up and get out of here. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy doing whatever it is poor people do on weekends. Ta ta.

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