Oswald J. Carver III

Mr. CarverThe founder and CEO of Carver Consolidated Capital (C3), Oswald “Oz” Jameson Carver III is a heavily in-demand political and business guru, one-man conservative think tank, and culture warrior who frequently sounds off on various social issues of the day.

Moreover, Mr. Carver’s famous naked massages are always available at no cost to his female admirers. Provided, of course, they aren’t ugly.


The IdiotSite Administrator Shelton prefers to distance himself from the views espoused by what he calls his “über-conservative, misogynistic, prejudiced stereotype of an employer” and plans on using a “just doing what I was told” defense should it ever come to trial.

At his day job, Shelton edits and writes for a monthly print magazine, but chances are you’ve never heard of it. At last count, he claims to have extensive writing and editing experience both in print and on the Web, including feature articles, marketing copy, and even insurance-fraud investigative reports. And yes, that last one was as fun as it sounds.

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