Free At Last

“Linda?” “Yes? With whom am I speaking?” “It’s me, Oz — Oswald Carver, an old friend of Ken’s.” “Oh, Oswald, of course. How nice to hear from you.” “Yeah,” I said. “Look, I just heard the good news. You know,… Read More ›

What Is Best In Life?

It was my first day back at work since suffering a busted ass. True, Doc Steinbrau wanted me to convalesce for a month, but vultures gather fast ’round empty desks at my company. Besides, today was the quarterly meeting of the department… Read More ›

Toot Toot

No doubt about it — my new yacht is worth every penny. And believe me, I paid plenty of pennies for that beauty. More than most of you will ever have, that’s for sure. I took her out on her maiden voyage… Read More ›

I’m Not A Pervert

I was relaxing on the front porch earlier today, enjoying a pitcher of mimosas and perusing the morning paper when two scantily clad hussies came frolicking up the walk. I got excited, thinking they might be whores. “Hello sir,” one… Read More ›