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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re thick in the dog days of summer. Which means it’s a great time of year for me to relax poolside in a Speedo, frolic on my private yacht, and eat enough charred animal flesh… Read More ›

I Hate Weddings

Sorry for the extended absence. Like I said at the time of my last post, I’ve been busy with quarterly reviews. Moreover, I had to attend a wedding this weekend. Propriety dictates that I not reveal whose wedding, but I… Read More ›

April Fan Mail

Continuing a popular new feature introduced last month, I will now take some time out of my busy schedule to personally respond to the cream of April’s fan mail crop. Everyone else who wrote just gets an autographed picture and… Read More ›

March Fan Mail

This won’t come as a surprise to those who follow the Nielsen Blog Ratings, but my little soapbox here has been a smash hit since it returned in February. The upside is, tons of topless pictures from admiring female followers…. Read More ›

I’m Off To Saudi Arabia

Business, unfortunately, not pleasure. Not that it’ll keep me from enjoying a dark-eyed belly-dancer or three while I’m there. Don’t expect to hear from me again until Monday. If you’re Christian and plan on worshipping a zombie savior on Sunday,… Read More ›

Site News

Well, I guess my new site administrator is really earning his pay. Which isn’t saying much, considering that he works for far less than minimum wage. Still, I have to admit that I like what he’s done with the place… Read More ›