Until Proven Guilty

If anyone asks, I don’t know anything about Luddite, Crapstone & Fuchs’ consumer affairs president, Dick Needley, taking a tumble down the stairs earlier today. I wasn’t anywhere in the area. In fact, if you could say that I was… Read More ›

I Heart You Sarah Palin

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post — how did I miss this beautiful bit of hate-mongering from the lovely Sarah Palin’s Facebook page? Hell yes. That woman clearly doesn’t know the meaning of “beating around the bush.” Though I’d… Read More ›

I Think I Got Rolled

“You so much as jiggle yer belly and I’m-a squeezing this trigger, fatboy! Y’hear me?” This was said by a wart-and-hair-covered hillbilly who appeared to be brandishing a shotgun. I couldn’t be sure though; I had just awoken and could… Read More ›

Site News

Don’t expect any real updates for the next couple days. I’ll be golfing all day today, and I have a busy day at the office tomorrow. However, be advised that, in honor of Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk’s birthday, I… Read More ›

Free At Last

“Linda?” “Yes? With whom am I speaking?” “It’s me, Oz — Oswald Carver, an old friend of Ken’s.” “Oh, Oswald, of course. How nice to hear from you.” “Yeah,” I said. “Look, I just heard the good news. You know,… Read More ›