Toot Toot

No doubt about it — my new yacht is worth every penny. And believe me, I paid plenty of pennies for that beauty. More than most of you will ever have, that’s for sure. I took her out on her maiden voyage… Read More ›

When Will That Woman Die?

“Hello, mother.” “Mother? My mother’s dead. And a woman. Look, who is this?” “It’s your son. Oswald.” “Who?” “Oswald. Oswald Carver. Your son.” “Oh, Oswald. What do you want?” “It… it’s Mother’s Day, mother. Just wanted to call to wish… Read More ›

Stop Snitching

Right. So I was looking at some online porn at work today, just like I always do after lunch. That’s when I heard someone gasp behind me. “Oh my god!” This was Gus the Copyboy, who promptly dropped the stack… Read More ›