Take That Stephen Colbert

Let’s face it: I hate a lot of things. The poor and the middle class. Chairman Hussein Marx Obama Tse-Tung. People who major in anything other than business while they’re in college. iPhones. Foreign cars. Foreigners in general. Gluten-free diets…. Read More ›

K Is For Klout

“Hoo hoo, can’t wait to see my score!” I said. I was speaking with my blog administrator Shelton in the study, which had only just been refurbished following my butler’s unfortunate rib incident. “I bet mine’s higher than Limbaugh’s.” “I… Read More ›

Happy Easter

May all your zombie-savior candy dreams come true. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to chaperone a sexy egg hunt for six call girls wearing classic Playboy Bunny costumes. Ta ta.

Farewell To A Legend

Folks, I’m going to keep this short because frankly, I don’t deal well with grief. But as you’ve surely heard by now, America lost a legend today. His name? Herbert Streicher — aka Harry Reems. For the uninitiated, I’m sorry to hear about… Read More ›