America The Beautiful

If you’re a foreigner, chances are you’re going to spend today eating fish & rice, smoking low-grade cigarettes, paying outrageous taxes, and watching and/or playing soccer. Because that’s how you roll. Meanwhile, here in America, we’ll be enjoying grilled meat,… Read More ›

I Hate Weddings

Sorry for the extended absence. Like I said at the time of my last post, I’ve been busy with quarterly reviews. Moreover, I had to attend a wedding this weekend. Propriety dictates that I not reveal whose wedding, but I… Read More ›

Cry Me A River

Sweet Jesus, it was a real scene down at the office today. Turns out my secretary, Miss Cashtushy, was having a rough day. Which wouldn’t normally bother me; I’m largely immune to other people’s miseries. Unfortunately, her tears were standing… Read More ›