Fire It Up

The grill, that is. I just sent the maid to Piggly Wiggly for a score of their finest New York strip steaks, and I don’t plan on sleeping ’til at least half of them are resting in my belly. Comfortably… Read More ›

Old People Suck Ass

So I went golfing today. Not the best weather for it — overcast and drizzly throughout — but nothing a rough customer like myself couldn’t handle. Old people, however, are another matter. Take the geezers who were playing ahead of… Read More ›

Sweet Jesus, I Reek

I’ll be honest with you. Outside of yesterday’s ill-fated visit to Madame Ching’s, I haven’t left my palatial home in three days. You know, what with recovering from the gallstone operation and all. So anyways, I ripped off a monstrous fart after… Read More ›