March Fan Mail

This won’t come as a surprise to those who follow the Nielsen Blog Ratings, but my little soapbox here has been a smash hit since it returned in February. The upside is, tons of topless pictures from admiring female followers…. Read More ›

I’m Off To Saudi Arabia

Business, unfortunately, not pleasure. Not that it’ll keep me from enjoying a dark-eyed belly-dancer or three while I’m there. Don’t expect to hear from me again until Monday. If you’re Christian and plan on worshipping a zombie savior on Sunday,… Read More ›

This Pundit For Hire

The very fact that you’re reading this blog is a strong indicator that you’re well-versed in current events. I’m not the type of person who appeals to morons, after all. Nor to whiny liberals, but that’s redundant. And I don’t… Read More ›

Stop Snitching

Right. So I was looking at some online porn at work today, just like I always do after lunch. That’s when I heard someone gasp behind me. “Oh my god!” This was Gus the Copyboy, who promptly dropped the stack… Read More ›