H Is For Hank

I received a collect call last night from my close, personal friend Hank Williams Jr. Considering that today’s “A to Z April Challenge” topic was required to start with an “H,” his timing could not have been more fortuitous. “Oz?”… Read More ›

A Day At The Races

“And it’s Hairy Dumplings by a nose!” the announcer screamed over the PA down at the local race track. “Hairy Dumplings wins it by a nose!” “Goddammit!” I shouted before lunging towards my associate, Skynyrd Dave, and clocking him in… Read More ›

I’m Off To Saudi Arabia

Business, unfortunately, not pleasure. Not that it’ll keep me from enjoying a dark-eyed belly-dancer or three while I’m there. Don’t expect to hear from me again until Monday. If you’re Christian and plan on worshipping a zombie savior on Sunday,… Read More ›

Homeward Bound

My adventures in the putrid hellhole known as Arizona have come to an end. It turns out that Senator McCain was none too pleased with last night’s speech, and ordered his staff to put me on the first plane out… Read More ›